Winning Christmas

Before we knew we were having triplets, we went on Etsy and bought a ton of “we are having a baby” reveal items. We had planned to save all of that until Christmas Eve and Christmas but instead decided we would tell our parents the day of our ultrasound.  My parents were in Las Vegas so we Facetimed to share the news. They were ecstatic and “all in” as my Dad said. They spent the rest of their trip telling card dealers and other random people that they needed to win big in Vegas because their daughter was pregnant with triplets.

We told Mike’s parents we were going to be near their house to see friends so we were going to stop in. We brought along their Christmas card, which actually said they were being promoted to Grandparents. We went ahead and wrote “Joyce Babies Arriving Summer 2018” since the card wasn’t made for a triplet announcement.

Here is Mike’s Mom’s reaction:


Ignore the poor quality and angle. I was secretly filming. Mike’s Dad’s reaction, as an avid camper, “I’m going to have to buy a bigger tent.”

We bought Mike’s 89-year-old grandma, a scratch off card and gave it to her on Christmas Eve. It took her awhile, but you can see where she finally reads the card below. She thanked us for having three. You know, cause we can control that. 😉 She was worried we were just getting three dogs not actually having three human babies.

By far the most boisterous reaction was my entire Dad’s side of the family. Every year from about December 26-December 29, we travel to someone’s house in either Orlando, Philadelphia, Annapolis or Pittsburgh for Christmas. This year we were going to Orlando, which meant I had to stomach a plane ride. To make matters more difficult, my Grandma and the Annapolis side of the family were not arriving until the next day. We wanted to wait until everyone was there before we shared our news. For 24 hours I had to hide that I was pregnant. I was sneaking to the bathroom, eating so many bagels and napping. My Aunt thought she had me figured out. When we were alone she looked at me,  “You’re pregnant.” I played surprised for a moment but then I revealed, “You got me, I’m pregnant.” We were then standing with my Mom, Dad, Mike and her. She was ecstatic and overjoyed that she was in on the secret. I signaled to the room that she didn’t know the whole story. It would make the reveal later that evening even better.

We had bought my Grandma a charm that said “Great-Grandma.” Here is the reaction as we tell the whole room, that we were having our trio.

When you are almost 30 years old, and you say you have an announcement, people assume you are pregnant. But once the excitement of that news faded and we would share that it wasn’t just one baby—we would shock everyone. Our family went nuts. This was so rare. The excitement was contagious. It was tough at first to handle the news ourselves, but sharing with those close to us we quickly realized the village that will be ever-present to raise these kids.

5 thoughts on “Winning Christmas

  1. I WISH there was a “LOVE” button on here! OMG these reactions are priceless!! Your family’s reaction and Mike’s Grandma’s reaction, I was just DYING!!!!! Sooooo much love in this post!! And….guess what? Your blog came to my email!! YAY!!!!! xoxo


  2. Carol

    OMG I’m crying here! Thank you so much for sharing. Please continue sharing those babies and You families. You have an amazing village there. 💗💙❤


  3. Karen Merkel

    Alyson…I must STOP looking at your Instagram and now reading your blog at work as it turns me into a puddle every time and I end up crying and making a mess of myself. So thrilled for you and Mike…though we miss you terribly at National Fuel! No better reason though as you moved on to the best job in the world….that happens to also be the hardest job in the world but NONE more fulfilling!


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